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Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 19. "Farewell, My Lovely"

The Liars gear up for a confrontation with A.D.; Spencer, Hanna and Caleb discover new information regarding Charlotte's death; Mary Drake returns with a gift for Spencer and Alison.


Season 1, Episode 6. "The Hunt for New Physics"

New discoveries in physics may have an effect on the what is known.


Season 3, Episode 10. "Somebody to Love"

Gloria follows the money, Nikki plays a game and Emmit learns a lesson about progress from Varga.

Year Million

Season 1, Episode 6. "Beyond the Cosmos"

In the past century, we've explored new planets. Will we discover new forms of life, and will the future mirror science fiction?

I'm Dying Up Here

Season 1, Episode 3. "The Cost of a Free Buffet"

After defying Goldie, Edgar tries to get back into her good graces; Cassie tests controversial material; Adam, Eddie and Ron work together to take down a ventriloquist; Bill tries to keep his family entertained; Goldy makes a tough decision.