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Emerald City

Season 1, Episode 3. "Mistress - New - Mistress"

After a close call, Dorothy and Lucas learn the Wizard has sent his guards to kill her. In Emerald City, the Wizard seeks advisement from his counsel as he begins to lose control and the witches begin to show their power. Meanwhile, Tip and Jack venture to the City of Ev to find a cure following a life-changing revelation.

The Mick

Season 1, Episode 4. "The Balloon"

When Mickey learns they've all forgotten Ben's seventh birthday, the family is forced to put their selfish tendencies aside for one day and throw him the celebration he deserves, which proves way harder than it sounds.


Season 2, Episode 11. "Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord"

After one of the world's most-wanted terrorists surfaces in New York for unknown reasons, the team must partner with the CIA to stop a deadly bombing.

The Blacklist

Season 4, Episode 10. "The Forecaster"

A new case arrives at Liz's doorstep, where someone has left a diorama depicting a crime soon to be committed. Meanwhile, Red explores a new business opportunity.


Season 1, Episode 9. "Ballistic Advantage"

After Julie and Mary are abducted, Bob Lee must figure out a way to broker an exchange for the recently acquired evidence he lifted from Jack Payne. Nadine, working with Bob Lee, struggles to balance her allegiance to him and the FBI, as Isaac strikes a tenuous deal to assist them as trade for his freedom after it's done.