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DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2, Episode 17. "Aruba"

The 2017 team has no choice but to go back to 1916 and stop the Legion from getting the Spear of Destiny... even though if they meet their past selves it could a temporal calamity.


Season 1, Episode 9. "Emergency Punch-Up"

The team is preparing to go on a corporate retreat, but a poison gas attacks seals them in the building. Emily ends up improvising a retreat but things don't go so well.

Trial & Error

Season 1, Episode 13. "Chapter 13: The Verdict"

The trial is over and the verdict is finally announced. A key piece of evidence is found that answers the question, "Who killed Margaret Henderson".

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 4, Episode 19. "All the Madame's Men"

Daisy and Melinda escape the Triskelio and go on the run from Hydra. Meanwhile, Jemma realizes what Aida has planned, and Holden tells Alistair who he is in the real world.

Bates Motel

Season 5, Episode 10. "The Cord"

Norman comes home.