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Emerald City

Season 1, Episode 4. "Science and Magic"

Dorothy and Lucas are approached by a mysterious young girl who has lost her way. Following a tragic accident, Tip finds herself caught between two powerful forces - Glinda and West. Elsewhere, the Wizard pays a visit to a village and exacts his authority over its citizens. Meanwhile, Jack has a life-changing experience that leads him on a surprising new path with a unique woman.

The Guardians

Season 1, Episode 3. "Stakeout"

Rob and Dori hope to rescue a dog from its chain; Moose and Elle confront a man accused of dog abuse; Brian and Amanda meet a homeless veteran and his two dogs.

The Mick

Season 1, Episode 5. "The Fire"

Mickey tries to quit smoking. Meanwhile, Ben meets a new friend.


Season 2, Episode 12. "Devil Never Even Lived"

When an unusual tattoo leads back to Roman, the team must decide whether to send him into the go undercover with a dangerous biker gang.


Season 1, Episode 12. "Harmonic"

Raimy and Frank make a huge discovery while continuing their search for the Nightingale. Meanwhile, Stan is willing to do anything to bring Frank down.